Kilometer Kids Run in the Heroes 5K

summerandmathewOne hundred and fourteen  Kennesaw’s Kilometer Kids graced the landscape as they sped by the crowd, running in last Saturday’s Heroes 5K to benefit the Wounded Warrior programs.  Starting eleven weeks ago, 152 kids met at Swift Cantrell twice a week to learn running techniques, practice running, and more important to keep moving.  A big thank you to all of the Dr. Cris Welsh, volunteers, parents, coaches, the Atlanta Track Club for making this program so exciting that 114 sudents out of 152 chose to run in the race.

Even more exciting was Matthew Adams, a Kilometer Kid, won the one mile in 5:42.  Unbelieveable but the Bright Side Newspaper was there to witness it.  Congratulations Matthew . The next session of Kilometer Kids begins on September 10 — Class size will be limited to 150 youngsters, cost is $25.00 and they will run in the next Kennesaw Grand Prix race after their eleven weeks.  The $25.00 fee is applied to the entry fee in the race.  More photos of the Heroes 5K and the Kilometer Kids  are posted on our Flickr account.

Pictured at left – Matthew with his very proud mom, Summer Adams.  At right – Matthew running like the wind.DSC_4954