Back to School Supplies – Donate from the Heart


It is that time of year again.  Yes, time to fight the crowds and buy those school supplies and if you are like me….going back and buying the ones that you forgot.

At this time of year, the school supply drive (boxes/bins lined up to receive your purchases) in the schools’ hallways can be a point of contention with some folks.  You know, where you buy school supplies that are NOT going to your child directly?  No matter what your views are on this subject, please consider that there are children in need in our schools and we can help by providing them some tools to be successful.
I don’t believe in helping those (adults) that don’t help themselves but I do believe strongly in helping those that are misfortunate.  To me there is “unfortunate” and then there is “misfortunate”.  There are children in our public school system that need our help so please buy whatever you can swing….an “extra” set of pencils, markers, ruler, scissors, etc.  Please buy the “extra” hand sanitizer, the tissues, the bandages, for the teachers and all the kiddos.

WAYS YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Take in extra supplies to your teachers and school counselors as they will know which students in the school would benefit from your generosity.  Email me at or text me at 770-310-3269 as I will be taking extra school supplies to local military families and posts/bases.  I do this with my children and I want them to grow up in a time of blessing it forward.