Walk for the Brave -November 5 – Marietta Square

Join our community the morning of November 5, 2022 for an all-ages, all-level walk to raise awareness for Veterans Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Whether it’s a family member, a neighbor, a colleague, or yourself, there are Veterans who need our help. Many do not talk about the issues they continue to face long after their time in service. Helping combat the stigma so many face as they quietly wage a war as great as any mission.

On November 5th from 8-1200, Cobb Thanks You For Your Service is hosting “Walk for the Brave” featuring two walks, a ten-K and a one miler from Glover Park in the Marietta Square to either Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park or Marietta National Cemetery to raise awareness for Mental Health issues for veterans and first responders including front-line healthcare workers.  We are offering free mental health screening.  To register visit our website is https://www.walkforthebrave.com/.

Thank you to our many partners and sponsors including PIedmont Healthcare, Clinicom, Eatright Atlanta, Manna Treatments, Venops, Rotary, and Zenith Designs.