Veterans’ Death Benefits

Kevin Marcy, Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services

veteransflagRecently, I had the opportunity to arrange the services for two veterans.  When sitting with each family during their arrangement meeting, it become clear that one had no idea any of the benefits that their loved one was entitled to by being a veteran and the other had limited knowledge.  It was sad in a way to think of all the other veteran’s families out there that were in the same circumstances and no one even bothered to educate them.
I asked both families if they knew that their loved one actually already owned cemetery property.  They looked at me with a strange look, as I continued to explain to them that every honorably discharged veteran, their spouses and dependent children, are entitled to burial in a National Cemetery at no charge.  The space, or cremation niche, burial liner, and marker, are all included.    (A savings of several thousand dollar v. paying for the same at a private or perpetual care cemetery!)

Both families decided to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by using the Georgia National Cemetery, in Canton, GA. A truly beautiful cemetery nestled in the hills of Hwy 20, in Canton.  You will be moved if you take a tour.    We scheduled the services with Georgia National based on their availability, contacted and scheduled the honor guard to be there for the service, to assist in presenting honors, playing taps and the presentation of the VA flag.   Another benefit that every veteran is entitled to.  Both of these services brought everyone to tears, knowing that these veterans received the honor and appreciation that every veteran deserves for serving this country.

Here are a few other benefits available to veteran’s families at their death: If the veteran dies in a VA Hospital, VA Nursing Home or approved facility: There is either a $300 or $700 burial or cremation allowance available.  There is a $700 plot allowance if the family doesn’t use the National Cemetery. Transportation is reimbursed from the VA to the Funeral Home. Transportation is reimbursed from the Funeral Home to the National Cemetery.
There are also other death benefits available to the veteran’s families if the veteran dies outside of a VA facility, if they are receiving a service connected disability pension, or they were receiving a monthly VA support pension.

Georgia Funeral Care & Cremation Services is honored to be Cobb County’s ONLY Veteran’s Funeral Care affiliate.  Veteran’s Funeral Care is a nationally recognized organization dedicated to serving veteran’s and their families.  (

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