Take Charge of Your Life

In-home dialysisFinding out that you have kidney failure and will need treatment to stay alive is devastating.  You probably feel angry and overwhelmed learning you will be hooked up to a machine three times a week at a facility that take almost an hour to reach.

There are alternatives.  First learn all you can about the different treatments options and take an active role in decisions about your care. You can chose  dialysis at a center, three times a week, on a scheduled time (this usually takes up a good portion of your day) — or you can chose dialysis at home.

Dialysis at home means your are doing the treatment.  At home you will be able to better fit your treatments into your daily schedule.  For instance, you may chose treatment for two hours a day, in the evening, while you are watching television.  According to the National Kidney Foundation, studies show that the more you know about your treatment, and the more you do on your own, the better you are likely to do on dialysis.

Three types of dialysis may be performed at home.  Conventional home dialysis: treatment three times a week for three to four hours each time.  Short daily home dialysis – usually done five to seven times a week using a machine designed for short term daily home treatment.  Nocturnal home dialysis.  Long slow treatments done at night while you sleep.

Also according to the National Kidney Foundation patients using short daily and nocturnal home dialysis take less medication to control blood pressure and anemia. Have improvements in neuropathy and less restless leg syndrome.  Feel general better during dialysis and have more energy for daily tasks.  Sleep better, have a better quality of life and live longer. While not everyone is a good fit for home dialysis – we encourage you to learn about it.

Take charge of your kidney disease,Reliant Renal Care has a facility at 1720 Powder Springs Rd. Marietta.  The center has the staff to train you and your care partner in home dialysis techniques.  We encourage you to visit the center.  Talk with the home training nurse and other staff.  If possible talk with others using in-home dialysis.

Reliant Renal Care ensures that patients understand that they have a choice in their dialysis treatments, whether it be in one of our modern dialysis centers, their skilled nursing facility or the comfort of their own home. Visit www.reliantrenalcare.com.

With Reliant Renal Care’s support and the support of your care partner, you can take control of your dialysis and your life.  Call Reliant Renal Care at 678-402-6048 or visit to learn more about this innovative in-home care.