Swift Cantrell Skate Park Update — Starting Second Phase.

Kennesaw to complete Swift-Cantrell Skatepark ~ Construction Moves On to Phase II

plazaAs construction nears completion on the plaza portion of Kennesaw’s Swift-Cantrell Skatepark, the Mayor and Council have committed to begin on the second phase of the project, the flow course and bowl. According to project leader and Assistant City Manager Jeff Drobney, the decision was made to take advantage of significant cost savings resulting from proceeding while the contractor was still on-site. “The city will save over $25,000 in set-up costs that would be required if the contractor left and returned at a later date,” he said.  The additional parking, lighting, restrooms and landscaping that were funded in the first phase will be the last elements to be finished. The project is expected to be completed this fall, weather permitting.

The Swift-Cantrell Skatepark will be the first ever permanent facility in the southeast to feature elements modeled on a street league design as well as the more traditional flow course and bowl. It will attract skateboarders of all skill levels and will be capable of hosting large and small size skateboarding events.

bowl“By going ahead and completing the park in total, the city has the opportunity to realize a positive economic impact by hosting both street league and traditional skateboarding events more quickly,” said Mayor Mark Mathews.  “There is a tremendous amount of pent up demand from the skateboarding community for a facility in this area, and the level of enthusiasm for a park of this scope in the Atlanta metro is incredible.”

The estimated total project cost, including both phases, is $1.8 million; $1.4 million was approved by voters as part of the 2011 SPLOST.  The remainder will come from other funding sources, not the city’s general fund.  There are still corporate or private branding and sponsorship opportunities; visit www.swiftcantrellpark.org.

Pictured above, the Plaza, at right the digging of the bowl.  Thanks Steve Welsh for the photos.