Spydercup is Going Down at Kennesaw Skate Park

POSTER1Go ahead an clear your calendar this weekend, June 13/14. The @spydercup Is going down at Kennesaw Skate Park! Saturday will feature a demo from the largest concentration of pros and legends the park has ever seen. Check out that list of participants! Then on Sunday – an am contest! Email stevesteadham@gmail.com for details and to enter. Additionally there’s a street and pool camp being held on Friday. If you’re interested reach out to Steve Steadham at the same address. A big shout to @tmilliondk for helping to make this event possible.  

We’re stoked to be presenting in the 1st Annual Legends Alliance Invitational to be held at the world class, Street League Certified, skatepark designed by California Skateparks with skate legend, Lance Mountain himself!

The Event  will be host to the likes of Mike McGill, T-Mag, Ray “Bones” Rodriguez, Ron Allen, Lester Kasai, Steve Olson, Pat Ngoho, Dave Hackett, Dave Duncan, and our own Steve Steadham skating in the Legends Division! As if that wasn’t enough, there’s Greg Lutzka, Austen Seaholm, Edward Sanchez, Daniel Cuervo, Darren Navarette, Rodney Mead, Fred Reeves, Ray Fennessey and Don Hillsman tearing it up in the Pros Division!!

Announcers for the contest will be Dave “DD” Duncan, Ray Goff and DJ Smoky. The whole event is going to be rad! There’s a dinner and after party with the Legends, live music, art show…all this on top of some insane shredding!

You don’t want to be the guy/gal at work or school who is bumming on June 15, cause everyone went and you stayed at home do ya?

Entry Fee: $25 for 1 Event, $40 for 3 (Street, Game of Sk8, Pool + Event Shirt)
Dinner: $100 (Louisiana Cuisine, Full Color Legends Program, Legends T-Shirt, Meet and Greet after party.)
For more information and pre-registration call 702-800-9292 or email:

Pictured some of Kennesaw Skate Park’s favorites: Jake Wooten, Rob Wooten, Matt Hudson