playgroundIt is breathtaking, exciting and big enough for adults to play on. The City of Acworth has installed a new playground at Cauble Park (Acworth Beach). Painted brown and trimmed in forest green, the modules blend in with the rest of the surroundings.

The playground was created and designed by David Howard of Playworx. The city gave David the basic footprint and a request that the playground be elevated a bit and from that grew two large modules for the bigger kids to play on – including two rock walls, three slides, with a giant boulder connecting these two modules. For the smaller kids a third module, along with several individual pieces including a web to crawl on, a permanent pogostick to bounce on, plus a lady bug for the little ones.

Thanks City of Acworth for overseeing this project. What a great gift for everyone. This entire project cost $255,000.00 and was paid for entirely by SPLOST dollars. What a wonderful asset for our community.