Marcus McAbee Teaches Special Needs Students Taekwondo in Kennesaw

submitted by Lisa McAbee

marcuswebMarcus McAbee has been dutifully taking Taekwondo classes for over a year and leading junior classes at a local Martial Arts School. Marcus decided he wanted to reach more students – specifically special needs students. Inspired by 2 Special Abilities Black Belts at his school, Marcus challenged himself to think beyond physical abilities of his students and teach their heart. He asked his family to help him build a program that would teach kids his age Martial Arts and self-confidence. ‘Hearts 4 Others’ was created by Marcus with a simple mission: To encourage strength and confidence in special needs kids through Taekwondo training.

Marcus began teaching in local Elementary & High Schools and Transition Academies. At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, Marcus taught 61 students in 6 schools in just 3 short months. In partnership with his Martial Arts School, Marcus developed a summer program that offed a series of free workshops for Special Needs students. Each workshop had over 12 students working hard to perfect their skills as a Taekwondo White Belt. At the end of the summer series, 2 students entered into a Taekwondo Tournament held in Atlanta on July 27th and brought home 2 first place and 2 second place medals.

‘Hearts 4 Others’ has been established to teach special needs students in our community with free school workshops and an option for ‘H4O’ students to apply for a Martial Arts scholarship. Marcus set a goal to have 5 students enter a Martial Arts program in the first year. Keep up the good work Marcus!

Visit on the web: and on FaceBook: ‘Hearts 4 Others’ to view our pictures and learn more about Marcus and how he has taken Leadership into our community. The organization can be reached via email: of via telephone (770) 769-5440.

Marcus McAbee is eleven years old.  Pictured are Austin Jones and Cameron Zeigler, with Marcus in center.