“Love Does” at Piedmont Church


Love Does is a many faceted mission on the part of Piedmont Church, Marietta. Money to fund this project is raised by the congregation by giving over and above their tithes – a little bit here, a little bit there. The group operates under the direction of their Associate pastor, Marlon Longacre and support many many little known, non-profit groups that benefit segments of Cobb’s population along with several local schools. Love Does showed God’s love at their 365 Conference Luncheon by giving away $28.5K to local schools, charities and organizations on June 30. If you would like to learn more about Love Does or become a part of it email Marlon at marlon.longacre@piedmonthchurch.tv.


The Helping Hammers are led by Austin and Aaron Eakins, members of Piedmont Church. When Marlon identifies the need, they help organize the project. Their latest project was for the respite home belonging to Special Needs Cobb. With over 60-70 volunteers over the course of two weeks, they painted, and made much needed repairs.

In addition, The Helping Hammers ordered and installed new appliances and counter tops. A big thank you to Life University’s (PICTURED ABOVE) men’s track team, women’s La Cross team, and women’s soccer team who all pitched in. This was huge in completing the project. Without their dedication and hard work, we would not have been able to accomplish our goals.

At its core Helping Hammers is a group of individuals looking to make an impact in their community through construction related aid. Whether you have a garage full of tools, or are just looking to learn a little bit about construction while serving others, we would love to include you. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable around job sites, that is 100% alright. There are tons of ways to get involved and make a big impact in the community. It’s amazing to see how much a few people can accomplish when they come together with a common goal. We are continually seeking to grow Helping Hammers and the organization’s ability to serve the community. If you are interested in Helping Hammers, email Austin Eakins at aeakins22@gmail.com.


Special Needs Cobb, in partnership with InCommunity, operates 24 facilities (23 group homes, 1 respite home), providing year-round, supervised residence for adults with developmental disabilities. InCommunity manages 14 of our 23 group homes. The remaining homes are managed by three additional agencies.

We provide loving care in affordable, accessible group home settings that give our residents the chance to experience greater independence and self-determination.  Our homes are attractively appointed, with ADA-approved accessibility features such as wide halls and doorways, roll-in showers and reduced-height counter tops. Our group homes enable people with physical and mental disabilities to live as barrier-free as possible. Since being involved in group-home work, we’ve received a 100% pass rate on all completed HUD housing inspections.

To be eligible to live in one of our residential group homes, a person must have a NOW/COMP Program Medicaid Waiver and a diagnosed developmental disability. Visit specialneedscobb.org to learn more about their programs. To learn more about their residential options, contact Alexis Hall, Housing Manager, or call 770-427-8401.