Calling all alumni of North Cobb High School and Kennesaw Mountain High School. Each year since 2004, high students at KMHS have been taking students from their elementary feeder schools shopping for Christmas. The first year was so successful that KMHS helped NCHS start their own version of shopping in 2005.

The students at both high schools raise the money for this Christmas adventure – usually starting in August, this year’s fund-raising needs a little help as in person schooling didn’t start until November 5, thus putting a crimp in the fund-raiser.

Yes, there are restrictions that will be met, for safety reasons. NCHS will host 60 students at their school on Saturday December 12 while KMHS students will meet at their individual feeder schools instead as a large group at KMHS.

Each high school needs to raise about $3,000 to cover their costs of buses, t-shirts, sweatshirts for the little shoppers, a take home goodie bag for each youngster and to make sure each little shopper has at least $100 to spend on gifts.

In order to successfully host Shop With a Mustang and Shop With A Warrior, both Kennesaw Mountain and North Cobb High Schools are relying on donations from our community and alumni of these two schools

Won’t you join KMHS and NCHS in their fight to save this meaningful tradition. Donations will allow SHOP WITH A MUSTANG and SHOP WITH A WARRIOR to continue while creating life long memories for both high school students and their little shoppers.

To donate to Kennesaw Mountain High School, simply mail a check to Kennesaw Mountain High School addressed as follows: “Shop with a Mustang”, Kennesaw Mountain High School, 1898 Kennesaw Due West Rd., NW, Kennesaw, GA 30152. Be sure to write “Shop With a Mustang” on the memo line of your check. To arrange other types of donations, email Billy Richardson at William.Richardson@ cobbk12.org.

Checks can be made out and mailed to North Cobb High School as follows: “Shop With A Warrior” , North Cobb High School, 3400 Old 41 Hwy NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Be sure to write “Shop With a Warrior” on the memo line of your check. To arrange other types of donations, email Kennedy Reese at Kennedy.Reese@cobbk12.org.

Both High Schools will accept donations of all sizes. All donations will allow 2020 to end on a positive note for all participating in this year’s Shop with a Mustang and Shop With A Warrior programs.

Many thanks from Amber Roldan and Carol Thompson along with the students at KMHS and NCHS!

Pictured above: NCHS shoppers checking out at Walmart.
Pictured below: KMHS shoppers returning from a successful trip