Acworth’s Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church Celebrates

zionchurchZion Hill Missionary Baptist Church invites the public to celebrate their 149th anniversary on Sunday, July 14, 2013.  The celebration theme is “God’s Great and Precious Promises. The congregation  is excited about the special historical time they have set aside to honor this tremendous milestone of Zion Hill Missionary Baptist and one that they can look back in thankfulness and appreciation to God who has led them over the years.

In September of 1864, under the pastorate of Rev. Jerry Jones, the Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church was founded by former slaves.  Due to limited resources, the Baptist and Methodist members of the Acworth community shared the same sanctuary and alternated fellowship Sundays.  We continue to share in Homecoming Services and other activities each year with Bethel AME Church, the church that we shared space with in the beginning.  On odd years, the service is at Bethel with Zion Hill bringing the message, and during even years, the service is at Zion Hill with Bethel bringing the message.

Through prayer and perseverance, the Zion Hill congregation was able to move to a new building one mile from town on Southside Drive.  The founders built this sanctuary with rough, unfinished lumber, which was also used to make the pews and window shutters.  The Deacons would make sure that the church was always ready for worship service on Sundays by getting the wood burning stove hot in the winter so worshippers could stay warm.  This was before we had central air conditioning and heating, and indoor toilets.  They would ring the old church bell when worship service was about to begin.  During those times, the members would walk for miles to worship in the house of the Lord.  They brought oil lanterns to light their way when darkness fell on their way home from church.  They had a whole lot less than we have today, but their faith and their commitment to service and worshipping the Lord are a testimony for us all to follow.

As God continued to bless the church, Zion Hill moved into its present location on Taylor Street under the leadership of Rev. S. H. Jackson in 1914.  With God’s blessings, the congregation moved into the building debt free.  In spite of their low income conditions, they were able to maintain a parsonage which was located across the street from the church.  As time passed, Zion Hill acquired the property where the church parking lot is located.  In 2002 we purchased the property across the street next to the Worthy home which is used for overflow parking.

Today, Zion Hill’s ministries include Adult and Youth Bible Study, Youth Peer Group Rap Sessions, Sunday School, Tutorial Program, Music Ministry (3 choirs and Praise Dancers), and Missions Ministry which includes the Angel Food Ministry.

The events scheduled are:
Pre Anniversary Praise – July 13, 2013 Saturday – 6:00 p.m. – Musical  (Groups from Georgia and Alabama) located at Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church.  Sunday July 14, 2013 – 9:45 a.m. – Sunday School; 11:00 a.m. –Morning Worship – Message from – Reverend Dr. Frank W. Johnson, Jr.; 2:00 p.m. – Dinner served at the Acworth Community Center; 3:00 p.m. (Robert’s School).  – Evening Service – Message from – Rev. James P. Holloway, Sardis Missionary Baptist Church, Kennesaw, GA

Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church is located at 4255 Taylor Street, Acworth.  Call 770-974-8221. visit and read it’s history. Rev. Dr. Frank W. Johnson, Jr., is the pastor.