The economy of the Acworth and Kennesaw Communities are fueled  by our many successful small business owners.  Many have grown from small businesses to state and nation wide entities.  One such business is RJ and ASHA PATEL’S PCT Clean.


We are blessed to be in Kennesaw for the past 42 years! It’s been an amazing journey with all our friends at KBA. It started with the KBA in 2002 when I had the privilege of serving as the KBA President. I asked many of you, if Asha and I opened a home and office cleaning service, would you trust us to come and clean for you? The overwhelming response was YES!

From a year’s worth of research and KBA’s encouragement and love on January 4th, 2003 was born Prestigious Cleaning Team. Like Kentucky Fried Chicken our clients have helped us evolve to PCT Clean! Last month we started our 18th year in business.

Along the way we have fortunate to win 2 national awards from our Cleaning Industry Association and a highlight was when PCT Clean won business of the year in 2015. Last year PCT earned Best Of Cobb. We appreciate the love our cleaning industry and community have shown to us.
This is all due to the people we have at PCT. It’s only appropriate we recognize our cleaning staff-our frontline people. Meet Sasha, who has risen from cleaning homes to training and leading people over the past 4 years. Meet Alma, who is our Director of Happiness for the past 3 years, she makes sure our clients are happy with PCT’s services. Then we have Marleni, who has recently joined us and takes care of our commercial cleaning division. And we have Mary Johnson who is our DOS-director of sales.

In 2020 we gave birth to PCT Disinfecting. A division of PCT Clean that provides Covid-19 and SARS cleaning. We have our certification through GBAC-The global Bio-Risk Advisory Council. We have completed just over 3.3 million square feet of disinfecting in Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Arizona, Alabama, and Tennessee. Our goal is to help businesses open and stay that way! We bring a Peace of Mind during this uncertain time.
If you know PCT, you know we give back as much as possible, as of today we have completed 335 Free home cleanings for women undergoing chemo and radiation. We have supported our local schools, food pantry and 2 years ago we built out a free medical clinic in Clarksdale Mississippi. Be assured PCT is socially responsible.

What does the future look like for PCT. We are expanding into the Atlanta market this year and also are looking to acquire existing businesses.
We express our deepest love to KBA for giving us the encouragement we needed at the beginning. We wish you and your businesses success. Love All Serve All.


Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day
by Claudia Chandler, Acworth

Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day is March 29th to celebrate independent business owners and the struggle they often face competing with large corporations. So many have been hit particularly hard this past year. Here is an example of how I envision showing support locally.
Breakfast (and gossip) begin at Nibbles Grill before I bring the pets to Acworth Animal Hospital for their annual shots. Dropping the dogs at home, I remember to brush my teeth before my dental checkup with Dr. Lee at Acworth Dentist. All is well but I look forward to a more pleasurable appointment for my massage at Pearl’s Spa. Then, totally relaxed, I peruse the nearby shops including Serendipity House, Picnic Market and Two LiRu before picking up a unique, outdoorsy item from Appalachian Outfitters. By now I’m a little hungry for lunch but must narrow down the choices; will it be a sandwich from Miss L’s or Pizza by Fuscos today?

When the tire light comes on, I pop into Jones Tire for a quick but friendly and professional air service check which solves the problem. So, I continue up the road to Robby’s Propane to fill the empty bottle I’ve brought and I’m set for our next grilling out with the neighbors who, oh yes! has a birthday today! An easy stop at Lacey Drugs provides me with a birthday card (and my prescription refill) before ducking into Acworth Flowers for a fresh and fragrant gift to accompany the card.

Next, I enjoy my appointment with Jim Nance at Edward Jones across the tracks and catch a glimpse of Kristina Eaton Signature Weddings who did a fabulous job for my friend’s daughter’s recent wedding. Which makes me recall the beautiful wedding we attended at The Cedar’s Weddings & Events a few years ago. A glance at my watch reminds me it’s nearly time to meet my girlfriends for a drink at the outdoor firepit of Red Top Brewhouse before our reservations for the best meal ever at…you guessed it, Henry’s Louisiana Grill!

Later, as I make the short drive home, full and happy, I realize that my entire day was spent within a mile of home. Although I spent all day giving and receiving in my local community, I haven’t begun to cover all of the Mom & Pop’s nearby (yet).

Supporting our local small businesses helps the entire community; to stay in business, to keep our charming and unique town character but, in addition, it’s fun! Please join me in supporting Mom & Pop Businesses on March 29th and beyond.