Written by Tamra Anne Bolles.  Photo by Kimberly Murphy 

Dear Santa, 

These are my wishes. Here’s hoping that our lives will somehow get back to normal. This pandemic needs a good shot in the arm. I am not alone in my claustrophobia, courtesy of Covid masks. It would be great if we could turn in our designer face-wear for good. Although I may keep the sparkly one, as it’s festive, and it works for Halloween, Christmas or New Year’s, so it’s versatile and reversible.

I kept wondering whether to bother digging out all those Christmas boxes this year. I chose a few special ornaments  to decorate the tree, deciding to string cards from Christmases past to wrap around it. We could all use a huge hug right now, socially distanced, of course.

Finally, I really want another dog. The one you brought me five Christmases ago was the perfect buddy, although my comforter, may it Rest In Peace, would probably disagree. Currently, I have this Siamese. Instead of peeing on the tree, which was my dog’s contribution to the annual tree tradition, the cat climbs it. Obviously he feels the call of the wild like it’s Mount Everest and he has one purpose, to get to the top. Maybe naming him Comet was a misnomer. I swear the cat thinks he can fly, and he chirps like a bird. There is something profoundly weird about that. The tree and I sleep together at night, behind a closed door. It doesn’t smell like pee, but it is now lopsided. I finally understand the concept of a Charlie Brown tree.

This year, I just want every little thing to be ok, and a dog would be nice.  Also if you could please give me something to keep a cat out of a Christmas tree, my ornaments would thank you.Take care,
Tamra Anne Bolles